What is Social Media and how can it help your business?

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To most people, the term social media usually means Facebook and Twitter. However, these are just two of the many platforms available. Finding the right ones where you can connect with your customers is really important and this is where DayOne can help.

DayOne’s social media services are designed to help you get your messages across various social media networks and is based on understanding your business and it’s needs. As with most things in life, one size doesn’t always fit all and so our social media services are clearly focused on what is most important to your company.

How DayOne can help your business..

Social Strategy

DayOne will help to develop a social strategy based on your needs and goals. You may already have a marketing team that requires a little guidance, or you may need DayOne to help you build your social presence from the ground up. We can help you to find the best solution.

Your Social Brand

DayOne can help you to find and secure the best username for your company across all social media channels. Your brand is very important and so getting the right social media profile is critical in engaging with your clients.

Social Style

The way in which your business can use social media differs massively. DayOne will help to find the right tone and style for your business, making sure that you are portrayed exactly how you want to be.

Creative Chat

DayOne’s social media team will help you to create unique and engaging posts that will start further conversations to gets your brand outside of your immediate industry. This will spark far-reaching chat and discussion about your business.

Social Advertising

Not only can DayOne create standard social media posts but we can also produce social advertisements that can be used to generate interest in a new product. This could be done through Facebook Ads or sponsored content on YouTube and Instagram.

Cross-Platform Promotion (CPP)

Using the information we gather from our reporting DayOne can make sure that your message reaches audiences across all your social media platforms. This will give you a consistent and recognisable brand across the internet.